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Read more about Embodiment Coaching and Acting Coaching below.


Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment Coaching draws inspiration from both Somatic Psychology and BodyMind Therapy practices. Embodiment Coaching approaches the body and mind as equals. By engaging with both the mind and the body we begin to notice and allow our emotional and physical sensations to present themselves in a deeper, more integrated way. Through this process, we are looking to shift the awareness from cognitive thoughts to what is being somatically experienced throughout the body. 

As a coach, I am there to support you and co-create consent driven and intention based practices with you. These practices often involve breath, movement, talking, intention setting, touch, sound and mindful awareness exercises. Sessions can manifest as meditation, can look like all of these things or none of these things. That is up to us to create!


Embodiment comes with practice and grows with time by setting mindful intentions. This work is accessible to anyone who is curious by it. 


Sessions generally run 60 - 90 mins. Sliding scale pricing available.

*Sessions are currently being offered over ZOOM* 

Acting Coaching

As an acting coach and educator I value creative curiosity, a sense of play and a willingness to engage with the work from a place of authenticity and agency. 

Working with techniques like Image-Based guided improvisations and meditations, basic script analysis, Viewpoints, Suzuki, Laban, Biomechanics and Clown, together we build the fictional world of the character(s). 

We breathe and remain present.

  • Help prepare for school or general auditions

  • Coach performers for productions

  • Lead specialized movement workshops

  • Facilitate ensemble building workshops

  • Guide and Instruct performance creation workshops

  • Develop Monologue or scene study workshops


Sliding scale pricing available.


I offer workshops periodically both online and in person. I have collaborated with Universities, High Schools and Community Organization to create workshops specifically suited for their students and or faculty. 


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