I am a queer theatre artist based in Tio'tiá: ke, colonially known as Montréal. I graduated in 2016 from Concordia University with a Specialization in Theatre Performance. Since graduation I have been actively working in the english theatre community as an actor, educator and collaborator. My training and approach to performance is based in movement and physical body based methods. The training and philosophies I often work with are Mary Oliver’s Viewpoints, Suzuki, Clown, Laban and Meryhold’s Biomechanics. I believe in vivid story-telling that transcends language; using sensorial images that explore breath and body to engage with the universality of emotions and empathy.


My personal and professional curiosities about the intersection of sexuality and mental health advocacy in the acting community brought me to the

Institute of Somatic Sexology where in 2020 I completed my Embodied Counselling Certificate. After completing this certificate I participated in a mentorship program with Deej Juventin, and am grateful to now be supported by an international community of colleagues and friends. 


Intimacy Coordination and Direction is the culmination of my passion for sensorial storytelling , movement based approaches to performance and advocacy for wellness. Since 2019 I have been training with various institutions such as leading industry professionals: IDC, NSIP, TIE and PIP in order to build my own artistic process. I have been supporting this training with the recommended standards laid out by SAG-AFTRA. I am so proud to say I now have over 100hrs of relative training! I have never felt more aligned and sure of my purpose then when I am working as an Intimacy Coordinator/Director. At this time I continue to seek more training and knowledge as I pursue certification.